2015 was a turbulent year in the cyber security world. Compiling a list of positives and negatives would be a tiresome task for anyone. A lot happened last year that made the common man worry for his online privacy and anonymity. No one is immune to cyber-attacks and the best we can do is take precautionary steps and hope for the best.

Several hack attacks in the last year have shaken the very foundation of internet security for the netizens. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 5 hack attacks we left behind in 2015.

1. Ashley Madison Data Breach

This hack was a successful attempt by the hacker group named “The Impact Team”. “The Impact Team” was successful in retrieving over 10 GB of personal data of millions of customers on the popular online Married Dating portal. The hacking group was able to dig into the personal information like names and email addresses of customers of the website.

When the company was still to overcome the grief caused by the first attack, there was a second attack, soon after, when the hackers released another 20 GB of the internal data of the company.  This included the personal emails of the CEO of the Ashley Madison’s parent company.

2. The Sony Pictures Hack

Last year, a lot of internet users were able to download and watch a humongous amount of unreleased movies, thanks to the hacking group known as the Guardians of Peace (GOP). The hack not only leaked those unreleased movies but was also able to barge into confidential info of the Sony Pictures like movies scripts, celebrity’s phone numbers and employees personal data, to name a few. The hack forced Sony Pictures to shut down its operation for a few weeks. Sony was attacked again and a huge amount of company’s data was leaked on WikiLeaks.

3. “The Hacking Team” Data Breach

This is an interesting story! The popular spyware company, Hacking Team, suffered a huge cyber-attack and as a result, over 400 GBs of its confidential data was leaked online. The hacked data included leakage of source codes for hacking and spyware tools, the government client list and most interestingly, the twitter handle of the company! The Hacking Team is infamous for its surveillance tool called the Remote Control System (RCS), which can conduct spying activities and can remotely access the target’s mic and camera. Karma is a b****, indeed!

4. The Snappening

2014 was the year when thousands of celebrity’s personal photographs were leaked on 4chan from the Apple’s iCloud. Similar to Fappening, the year 2015 belonged to Snappening when more than 100,000 private pictures of Snapchat users were leaked by some miscreants online. The Snappening happened because users used third party apps to send and receive snaps, which was easier to infiltrate than SnapChat itself. The attack sent chills down the spines of the Snapchat users who had previously thought their ‘self-destructing’ photos were safe from unauthorized eyes.

5. Comcast

The American Multination mass media company, Comcast Corporation, found itself in the middle of a massive hack attack. The hackers were able to gain access to the login credentials of the users and sold them on the dark web. The company, later, confirmed that the breach affected over 200,000 of its users. The culprits of the hack are still at large.


The year 2015 was a year to remember considering the staggering amount of hack attacks that were carried out. Netizens have found themselves on the wrong side of the attack and their privacy was infringed in the manner unimaginable. Hopefully, the world will have learned many lessons from this epic year of hack attacks, and the year 2016 will turn out to be much safer for the netizens of the world.