Author: Ali Raza

Intelligent Incident Detection and Response

A voluminous increase in the number of data breaches is staggering. Whether it be a dating portal or the CIA website, data breaches are happening everywhere.  IT teams are struggling to keep such attacks at bay and as a result, sensitive enterprise and personal data is getting leaked into some unscrupulous hands. The real question Despite having many company assets and resources deployed in the field of cyber security, why is it that companies still fall prey to such data thefts? The problem is most often the complexity that the contemporary work environment brings. An entire business needs to...

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The 10 Most Renowned Bug Bounty Hunters

Bug Bounty Hunters are individuals who set out to find bugs and vulnerabilities in software, programs, or security systems. Such persons report the bugs they’ve discovered, and the company rewards them for their efforts. Receiving these reports of the bugs at the right moment helps companies secure the loopholes which could have been used by hackers to enter into their system and potentially cause great damage. Following is the list of top 10 famous bug bounty hunters of all time: 1. Frans Rosén @fransrosen Mr. Rosen is the founder of Detectify and came into limelight when he discovered a...

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The Best Android Hacking Apps In 2016

Android phones have become wildly popular party due to the availability of millions of apps in its market place. This selection of apps supply a wide variety of amazing features at a very low cost. In this article, we will provide you with the best android hacking apps in 2016. Android hacking apps let you do all sorts of things, such as hack Wi-Fi, websites, usernames and passwords. Some of these hacking apps also give you the ability to protect your phone from malware, control other devices, disconnect the internet from another device, enter into secure networks and so forth....

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Six Cyber Security Awareness Tips You Need To Know

The frequency in which cyber-attacks are being carried out these days, makes concern for online safety far less than an overreaction. Everyone from corporations to individuals are worried that their privacy and security being compromised. The level of sophistication of modern day attacks tingles our brain with the question- are we doing enough to keep ourselves secure online? The most popular solution to the problem is sticking to technical solutions- the foundation of cyber security-  yet this only takes care of the remedial part of the issue. Tweet Me: Taking both basic and advanced precautions in AND outside of...

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Why is Net Neutrality Important?

The internet is known as a place where you can express yourself in any manner you see fit. Free speech is the very essence of the internet, a place where your actions cannot be moderated by anyone. When exercising your right to free speech, it is essential that your thoughts are not restricted by any agency, organization, or even individual. The internet also provides you a platform where you can access any content that you wish to access. But what if an agency tries to curb this freedom of yours? Or what if someone acts as a gatekeeper to...

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