Author: Ali Raza

Dark DDoS – A Growing Cyber Security Threat

DDoS or Distributed Denial of Services attack is a situation wherein thousands of unique IP addresses ‘crowd’ the entry to a particular network, leading to a disruption in their normal operation. Dark DDoS attack refers to a situation where DDoS Attacks are used as a distraction to the target’s IP team while sensitive data is being extracted from the servers. This distraction technique has been heavily successful in the past and is expected to grow exponentially in the current year. The recent Trends and Analysis report by the Corero Network Security, a firm dedicated to providing the First Line...

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2015- A Historically Epic Year Of Hacking

2015 was a turbulent year in the cyber security world. Compiling a list of positives and negatives would be a tiresome task for anyone. A lot happened last year that made the common man worry for his online privacy and anonymity. No one is immune to cyber-attacks and the best we can do is take precautionary steps and hope for the best. Several hack attacks in the last year have shaken the very foundation of internet security for the netizens. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 5 hack attacks we left behind in 2015....

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Things You Should Never Do While Using TOR

The Onion Router, or TOR, is a free tool for security your anonymity online. It routes the user through a series of servers located all across the globe to connect him to his destination. With the reports of NSA poking its nose in our personal lives, it has become important that we take our privacy and anonymity seriously the next time we are surfing the World Wide Web. And what better way could there be than to use TOR for this purpose. Despite the claims of TOR being almost untraceable, there are chances that you might do something, which...

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Vulnerabilities of Voice Recognition Technologies in The 21st century

Voice recognition systems have a wide range of applications in our modern world. Many devices employ them, from smart phones to car entertainment systems and common operational systems such as “Windows” and “iOS”. What many of these systems have in common is the use of voice recognition technologies to perform commands and access stored information. These methods are still at an early stage of development, therefore, they may be exposed to vulnerabilities that keen hackers could exploit to access sensitive data. The major weakness related to voice recognition technologies is the relative easiness with which someone can obtain voice...

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Ten Cyber Security Books Professional Hackers Must Read

A career in cyber security requires advanced knowledge in sophisticated technologies as well as real-time exposure to computer networks and data management. On top of formal cyber security training, it is important to understand the history of the art of hacking through professional case studies and written accounts. Fortunately, for the novice reader or continuing professional hacker, there are a handful of excellent computer security books that offer eye opening insight into the domain. By absorbing the information presented in these books, one can gain an understanding of how cyber security came about and how the field works today....

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