Author: Ali Raza

How To Deal With Reverse Domain Name Hijacking

Reverse Domain Name Hijacking sprouts from domain owners choosing confusing or identical names to the existing trademarks. It happens when a person fraudulently seeks to acquire a domain name on the basis of the name being similar to his or her existing trademark. The UDRP defines it as filing of a complaint in bad faith that results in abuse of UDRP administrative process. The term bad faith is quite broad and several times much thought and decision making has to be put into the task of assigning a complaint justly as belonging to bad faith category or not. The...

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5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Data Recovery Partner

All business sectors, whether they function on the small scale or multi-national scale, are working day and night in order to make their business venture more successful.

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The Future of Passwords and Biometrics

In today’s world of the internet and technology, almost everything is automated or computerized. On automating services like banks and security devices, it is imperative that proper security measures be taken so that these technologies and software are not easily beaten or hacked into. This requires setting up of passwords to authenticate a user in order to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information about a person. Although passwords help these systems verify and authenticate users, there is always the threat of passwords being compromised, which could lead to all sorts of trouble for the victimized person. If your bank...

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5 Most Dangerous Technologies to Enterprise and Cyber Security

The technology that big organizations use to shut out attackers from their systems and keep their data safe has become a lot more sophisticated than it was before, and this will continue to happen in the future. However, the reason why the top CEOs spend their days and nights pondering over striking a solution to making their systems secure is that cyber terrorists and hackers are not taking a day off. As the corporations implement new-age technologies, hackers work even more assiduously to devise new ways around them. Global business, financial as well as government organizations, have implemented many...

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5 Most Dangerous Cyber Security Vulnerabilities

Cyber security is an issue stressed by major financial firms and government organizations all over the world. Cybercrime has been the scourge of all organizations that keep sensitive data about the common masses or a global company’s assets. If an unauthorized user was to illegally gain access to it, then he could wreak all kinds of havoc in the organization he or she has infected. Damage and theft of data, manipulation of data, leaking of company secrets and shutting down services are some of the most basic things that hackers look to do once they gain access to a...

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