Author: Alicia Mae Webb

25 NEW Holiday Gift Ideas For Hackers

It’s been almost a year since I wrote one of CybersecurityZen’s most popular articles- 10 Git Ideas For Hackers. I am confident that the majority the world’s most deserving hackers now own at least 9 out of 10 of these brilliantly geeky hacker gifts. With the holidays right around the corner once again, I thought it was time for everyone to revisit the idea of stepping outside of the usual gift buying box to purchase something GREAT for that slightly misunderstood hacker in your life. But what makes a great gift for a hacker or cyber geek? Should you...

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SecureNinjaTV at CES 2016

It should be no surprise by now that when there is technology, there is a need to secure it. From the Internet of Things to Drone Airspace and Privacy Restrictions, SecureNinjaTV had plenty of interesting topics to look toward at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, or  CES 2016. The core of it all was at the Cybersecurity Forum presented by Cyber Vista. The forum highlighted highly relevant topics such as securing smart devices, protecting companies from cyber attacks, and keeping sensitive data private. It even included an insightful panel discussion surrounding the award winning USA show, Mr. Robot. Here...

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10 Gift Ideas For Hackers

Do you have a computer hacker in your life? With the growing popularity of Cybersecurity, the chances are you do. It could be your geeky daughter, nerdy nephew, or techie Uncle. It may be your freelance IT guy, your in-office systems admin, or your high-level security consultant. Either way, you should reward their interest in hacking with one of these great gift ideas for hackers. 10 Gift Ideas for Hackers The latest and greatest ideas for gift giving to hackers. 1- The Motherboard Hoodie Hackers love hoodies. Just do a google image search for ‘hacker’ if you don’t believe...

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Cybersecurity Tips For A Safe Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is a big event for marketers, advertisers, retailers, and bargain hunters. Like Black Friday, Cyber Monday offers a one day opportunity to score outrageous deals on everything from coveted holiday toys to the latest and greatest electronics. In sharp contrast to Black Friday, a Cyber Monday shopper can completely avoid the crowds and traffic of traditional shopping, and experience epic purchasing opportunities from the comfort of their own home, powered only by the abilities of the Internet. While the risks of participating in Cyber Monday are far different from those associated with joining the herd of crazy...

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Cybersecurity Careers- What Does It Take?

Cybersecurity professionals are in increasingly high demand in order to help businesses and organizations keep their data and networks safe. The choice to pursue training and eventually a career in cybersecurity is a smart one for those interested in ethical hacking, computer technology, security, or threat analysis. Last year, SecureNinjaTV spoke with 4 professionals who have developed challenging and lucrative cybersecurity careers. We learn all about how they began their career, what sort of cybersecurity training they obtained, and what they think it takes to become a successful cybersecurity professional in today’s world of hacking threats. Watch the video,...

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