Android phones have become wildly popular party due to the availability of millions of apps in its market place. This selection of apps supply a wide variety of amazing features at a very low cost. In this article, we will provide you with the best android hacking apps in 2016.

Android hacking apps let you do all sorts of things, such as hack Wi-Fi, websites, usernames and passwords. Some of these hacking apps also give you the ability to protect your phone from malware, control other devices, disconnect the internet from another device, enter into secure networks and so forth. The best part about these apps, is that they are free to download.

Because Android is an open source platform, it is possible for one to easily access multiple hidden features within them. Androids are not just machines; they can also become fully featured computers when you have access to the root. Some hacking apps have given users the ability to turn Androids phones into fully featured hacking machines. The following apps are usually employed on rooted android devices. Rooting an android device is a risky adventure. You can get your device broken while trying to root it. Therefore, it is advisable to always seek procedures from an experienced hacker before trying to root your device.

Here are three of the most popular Android phones for mobile hacking in 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7

HTC 10


Here are five of the most popular hacking apps available for these Androids in 2016

  1. Kill Wi-Fi

This is an ethical hacking app that is freely available on Google Play store. With this app installed, you can interrupt and cut the Wi-Fi of another user. It is incorporated with simple to use tools and an attractive interface. It can also shut down the Wi-Fi of your phone after a specified time in order to save your phone battery from draining. It currently has about 500,000 downloads.

  1. DroidSheep

This app is exclusively used for security analysis on wireless networks. Alternatively, it can be used to capture accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. It was developed as a tool to test the security of online accounts.

  1. Wi-Fi Mac Changer

The Wi-Fi Mac is another popular android app freely available on play store. With the app installed on a rooted android phone, you can temporarily change your MAC address so that no one can be able to track the address of your physical device. This can be done in two ways; the easy way: this is a change that will not reflect your address in Wi-Fi settings and secondly, the hard way: this is a change that will prompt you to enter password protected Apps and reflect the changed address in Wi-Fi settings.

  1. Hackcode

This has become so popular with about 300,000 to 500,000 installations. It is also available on Google play store for free. It acts as a penetrations tester for IT administrators and cyber security professionals, this enables them to perform tasks such as scanning, reconnaissance etc. It also contains tools such as Google Hacking, Google Dorks, Whois, Ping, Traceroute and many more.

  1. SSHdroid

SSHdroid is known as an SHH (Secure Shell) server implementation for Android devices. With this application, you can connect your device with a PC and indirectly control your device from the PC. Windows users also can control their device using FTP. Another great feature of this app is the inclusion of extended notification control, Shared-key authentication, Lock screen widget etc. It is free to download on Google store and has approximately 1000000 installations.


Listed above are some of the best hacking apps in 2016. With these apps, you can utilize a wide range of hacking tools used for security research, cybersecurity training, or deepening your awareness of how vulnerable your online information can  be, especially on a versatile yet vulnerable Android phone.

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