At DEF CON 24, SecureNinjaTV talked with several top level cybersecurity professionals about what it takes to develop a career in cybersecurity.

We asked what type of person makes a great cybersecurity professional, how to get started in developing a career in cybersecurity, and whether cybersecurity training and certifications were actually important.

We also learn the backgrounds of these individuals and what led them to the awesome cybersecurity careers they have now.

Zulfikar Ramzan- CTO of RSA
Matt Devost- Managing Director at Accenture
Shane Steiger- Chief Endpoint Security Architect at HP Enterprises
Tarah Wheeler- Author of Women In Tech
Jayson E. Street- Infosec Ranger, Pwnie Express
Gerard Laygui- Compromise Forensics and Malware Reverse Engineering

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Stay tuned for lots more coverage from Def Con in Las Vegas!

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