Cybersecurity is big business these days, and thanks to the ever increasing and persistent threat of hackers, it is showing no signs of letting up. Pretty much every business with a computer network is a potential target for cyber criminals and as a result, companies are taking the threat very seriously. Skilled professionals are in high demand to fight against digital crime and this has opened up many options for career paths within the field of cybersecurity.

Here we look at three of the most popular cybersecurity roles in existence today. If you are interested in a career change and like the look of this challenging and potentially lucrative industry sector, please read on and learn how to take that first step towards training.

Security Software Developer

These guys are the ones who step up to the plate when out of the box security systems no longer serve their purpose. They may take an existing program and tweak it to a particular set of attributes, or create something totally unique. The best security infrastructure in the world will not amount to more than a bean if the software is poorly written and littered with bugs. To fill this role you should be top of the class with your Java, .NET, and other programming skills. Additionally, you should be aware of all current security issues, threats and requirements. If you are successful at this role you will be playing a huge part in the success of your company and your rewards will be plentiful.

Director of Security or Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Okay, it’s a grand title and with that comes a very important role within a company. Also known as CISO, the Director of Security’s role has altered somewhat from 5 or 10 years ago. While this still remains a technical position, the CISO now must possess awesome communications skills and excellent business sense. Having a creative sense of direction and strong leadership skills are also a must because essentially, the CISO will be in charge of a team of professionals looking to execute tasks with the higher goal of overall security. The CISO will also need to be a legally savvy, with knowledge about regulations and local organizations. Are you up for this career goal?

Information Forensics Expert

If you love the idea of examining how criminals have actually compromised a company’s computer or network system post breach, then this is the role for you. Your duties will be investigative and could even involve on-site analysis and evidence collection at crime scenes.  An information forensics expert will examine logs, data, and hard drives, looking for clues to solve the crime.  You will need to keep detailed notes, and provide a clear and concise report on the situation at hand. You may even be asked to testify in court about the cases on which you work.

These are just 3 cybersecurity roles that make up a small part of the whole industry sector employment catalogue. There are at least another 20 paths one may take, so why not take a closer look and see if one of them appeals to you?

A basic education in Cybersecurity is a great start, but to become a highly sought out specialist, you will need advanced training. Check out the many courses made available by cybersecurity training companies such as SecureNinja. Learn more about course dates and availability here > Cybersecurity Courses