RSA Conference is the place where marketing and cybersecurity meet. It’s an exciting stage for people like me, who work right at the point where cybersecurity demands your attention and makes SURE you’re up to date on its constantly emerging technologies.

I’m a big fan of creative marketing, and although some cybersecurity companies have slipped into the same boring marketing space where industries such as finance and banking tend to fall, I feel that Cybersecurity has a lot of potential to be exciting.

Like, TONS.

I love when cybersecurity companies devise their own unique marketing ‘theme’ to help them stand out within the industry. Companies like Alien Vault, Norse, and of course SecureNinja have done this well.

Alien Vault has created a unified cybersecurity platform that is so HIGHLY INTELLIGENT, that there are literally aliens involved. Makes sense right?

They also know how to BRING IT to a trade show with these awesome alien masks, delicious lemon lime slushies (almost a margarita, but not a margarita) and an overall fun presence that makes you want to adopt their little green alien and absorb all of its advanced cybersecurity intelligence.



Norse Corp, or “the world’s largest dedicated threat intelligence network”, carries a Norse Viking theme which they have represented at trade shows like Black Hat and Def Con. They’ve promoted themselves with live models dressed as Vikings (major photo magnet), and popular Viking hats (everybody is wearing one). Then at RSA Conference this year, they were able to somehow one-up themselves with these new KNITTED Viking hats.


You know, to keep you warm during that Scandinavian winter.

And then of course, SecureNinja. Full Disclosure: I do their marketing.

I did not devise the ninja theme or logo, but I have greatly enjoyed utilizing its power over
the years to generate brand excitement with ninja graphics, course names, apparel (aka #NinjaGear) and delivery of our highly coveted ninja ‘light saber’ swords at conferences such as RSA, Black Hat, and Def Con.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 3.21.23 PM

We even ran a #StickyNinja contest and encouraged fans to add a ninja sticker to their most prized possessions.

StickyNinja Contest

StickyNinja Contest

ZScaler is another company that dominated trade show marketing at RSA Conference 2015. As screen grabs from my RSA Conference Tour Video would conclude, their little booth activity made a serious emotional impact on certain RSA attendees.. like myself.

I was told to focus all of my frustration with the IT Industry on that device, and so I did.IMG_3559Talk about emotional marketing!

To keep my adrenaline raging at the show, BeyondTrust was also there with a fun game of Whack-A-Mole. Except in this case it was whack Edward Snowden and Anonymous.


You really must see SecureNinja TV’s RSA Tour video for the full effect on these last two.

So if cybersecurity marketing develops alongside cybersecurity, which develops alongside technology itself, then where is Cybersecurity marketing going in the future?

Will AlienVault one day present a live alien in their booth?
Will SecureNinja one day deliver REAL light saber swords?
Will we one day smash routers in the ZScaler booth using only our minds?
Will Norse Corp be able to one-up this year’s ultimate knitted Viking hat?
Do you have any great Promotional Ideas for a cybersecurity trade show?

Leave a comment and tell us what you think, or tweet @SecureNinja or me, @AliciaMaeWebb with your answers to these far out questions!

What is SecureNInja planning for RSA 2016? Another #StickyNinja contest of course! Stop by the booth for instructions and a sticker to participate. Grand prize is this little gem- NUTRI NINJA PRO

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