SecureNinjaTV will once again be attending and providing coverage of FEDcyber’s annual summit for the enterprise and federal cybersecurity community.

FEDcyber 2014, orchestrated by cyber practitioners Matt Devost and Bob Gourley, is designed to advance the state of cyber defense. The Government-Industry Summit will bring together thought leaders who know the cyber mission in a venue designed to enhance our collective understanding of the threat, build on existing strategies to mitigate challenges, and leverage the nation’s greatest technologies to enhance our defense in depth. They are crafting an action-oriented event that will help the community shape models for the next decade of national cyber defense.

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The 2014 agenda for FedCyber is shaping up and you won’t want to miss it. Panels topics include:

All Your Cyberspace are Belong to Us
Drawing on Jason Healey’s Saving Cyberspace work, this panel will examine the challenges associated with maintaining an innovative an open cyberspace in an era when attackers outpace defenders, national security objectives contradict private sector initiatives, and increasing nation-state control of cyber-borders is the new norm.

Toaster Wars of 2025 – Addressing Embedded Device and Internet of Things Security Before it is Too Late!
Security experts often note that the Internet isn’tt secure as it wasn’t designed for security, yet we continue to develop and adopt technologies at an unprecedented pace without addressing security design fundamentals. What are the current and future challenges associated with Internet of Things world when everyone has dozens of IP enabled devices in their enterprise, home, and on their bodies?

Autonomous Defense – Defending at Machine Speed
Many organizations have been reluctant to adopt machine-enabled defensive strategies for fear of algorithmic misfires with unexpected operational consequences. Has the time come to further empower the machines in the realm of network and host-based defense? This panel will look at the current state of the art in autonomous defense as well as the explore what the future holds for these enabling technologies.

Professionalization of the Cyber Work Force
This multi-dimensional panel will look at numerous cyber workforce issues plaguing the U.S. government and private sector. How do we address the hiring gap and what can we do to provide incremental training to elements of the workforce like transitioning Veterans to meet the pressing need for more cybersecurity professionals?

Disruptive Technology Panels Include:

Bitcoin & Virtual Currencies
Privacy 3.0

Confirmed Speakers include:

Dr. Jim Miller, Adaptive Strategies
Jason Healey, Atlantic Council
Bobby Stempfley, DHS
Steve Cooper, Commerce
Dennis Gilbert, Exelon
David Bray, FCC
Matt Devost, FusionX
Bob Gourley, Cognitio

Each year FedCyber brings together 250 people from within the public and private sectors. Attendees include CTOs, CIOs, CISOs, CSOs, Cyber SMEs, and practictioners in the fields of cyber defense, threat intelligence, information operations.

As with all past FedCyber Events, federal government employees attend for free. All attendees must register in advance. On-site registration will not be available.