Hak5 demonstrated their ultimate coolness by inviting SecureNinjaTV to their studio and hacker space in the San Francisco Bay Area during RSA 2016. Darren Kitchen and Shannon Morse show Alicia Webb and Jon Miller around their highly efficient, high-tech, heavily hacked, Hak5 production studio.

In an exciting plot twist, Shannon Morse (aka Snubs) and Alicia Webb mysteriously SWITCH PLACES, and Alicia finds herself talking FBI backdoor issues and hacking an Android phone with Darren on the Hak5 show itself. Snubs takes the wheel in the editors chair and everybody hangs on as Jon films a behind the scenes episode, Alicia vlogs RSA week for her channel AMaeTV, and another Hak5 show is born before our Nintendo button camera switching eyes.

Hak5: https://www.youtube.com/hak5