It should be no surprise by now that when there is technology, there is a need to secure it. From the Internet of Things to Drone Airspace and Privacy Restrictions, SecureNinjaTV had plenty of interesting topics to look toward at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, or  CES 2016.

The core of it all was at the Cybersecurity Forum presented by Cyber Vista. The forum highlighted highly relevant topics such as securing smart devices, protecting companies from cyber attacks, and keeping sensitive data private. It even included an insightful panel discussion surrounding the award winning USA show, Mr. Robot.

Here is our interview with Kor Adana, one of the writers of Mr. Robot, as well as James Plouffe, a technical consultant for the production. They talk about the authentic hacker technology used in the show, their hopes for how Mr. Robot will inspire others, and even comment about Mr. Robot season 2.

Shortly after this interview, Mr. Robot went on to win the Golden Globe for Best TV Drama!

Another major CES 2016 highlight outside of the Cybersecurity Forum was chatting with with Presidential Candidate and Cybersecurity icon, John McAfee. He was there to help promote a product called EveryKey, and seemed happy to answer questions surrounding his current dealings with the company, as well as his ongoing presidential campaign.

Another insightful video we created was one with Brian Krebs, the highly acclaimed cybersecurity investigative journalist behind Krebs On Security.

Brian Krebs delivered a tech talk at CES 2016 on the dangers of ransomware, especially to large corporations. He elaborated on the topic to SecureNinjaTV Producer Jon Miller, and delivered some insightful thoughts on the criminal business operations of ransomware distributors.

Stepping away from the security side of technology, I simply had to take a fun break to show you around the show floor, play some Nirvana, and learn to ride a hoverboard!

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If you’re hungry for even more from CES 2016, check out my very own coverage of the show on AMaeTV, highlighting my experiments with some great new video production gear.

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