SecureNinja is pleased to present a free preview of our newest on-demand video training tool: the Online Sensei Series. These cutting-edge courses and seminars consist of the the same material taught in our classrooms by SecureNinja’s award-winning instructors now reformatted for video and capable of being viewed on any internet-enabled desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Join Secure Ninja TV host Alicia Webb as she visits with Tom Updegrove, 8th degree black belt and his student, Larry Greenblatt, 3rd degree black belt for a wild ride through the world of “Ethical Hacking”.

This unique program is designed for anyone who wants to learn about the EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker version 8 curriculum. Using their combined over 60 years of IT experience as well as nearly 90 years of martial arts training, Tom and Larry have designed a companion course for the ECC’s CEHv8 certification. Using colorful training methods and concepts from the world of martial arts the Cyber Kung Fu program has been proven to enrich a student’s understanding of the weapons, techniques and technologies involved in security testing, as well as the ethics required to reach a level of social responsibility in this evolving art and science of information systems security. As the saying goes “With great power comes great responsibility”.

Mapped directly to the module names and course objectives of the official EC-Council’s CEH curriculum, students should find this quite useful whether they plan to self study or attend a class. Giving both context and additional content, Tom Updegrove’s Cyber Kung Fu for CEH with Larry Greenblatt program has received worldwide accolades. Now you can view their course, at your own pace, whenever you wish. See why people from all over the world have called this class “The most fascinating and useful Information Security class I have ever attended”.