Alicia Webb interviews SecureNinja’s Senior Security instructor Wayne Burke as he discusses the launch of a new advanced Cybersecurity training offering entitled “Offensive Hacking and Penetration Testing” This course is the most recent to be added to the SecureNinja SWAT: Advanced Cyber Warfare Series of trainings. More information info about this unique course offering can be found at ( ).
This (5) five day boot camp provides students with the knowledge and real world hands-on practical skills for performing Advanced Cyber Warfare Hacking and Penetration Testing. The course is based on vendor neutral Open Source software and tools. You will learn both hardware and software design intricacies of the latest attack tool vectors. This vendor neutral course will greatly benefit anyone in the IT Security intelligence spectrum, for those who are responsible for designing, securing, implementing and security hardening.
Also included in this series is “Offensive Mobile Application Hacking”
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