In light of the recent Sony hack it is no wonder that businesses all over the globe are taking a closer look at the way their current cybersecurity measures are set up. If a huge multi-billion dollar company such as Sony can be infiltrated by a group of determined hackers, what chance will a smaller business ever have to defend itself?

No matter how awesome your security measures are, there is one common denominator that will always present a ripe opportunity for malicious infiltration – your employees.

Employees – The Weakest Link

If your current employees do not really understand their responsibilities and roles when it comes to ensuring that your sensitive data remains uncompromised, you are going to be fighting a battle that you will never win. Even the most expensive and effective anti-virus programs are pretty useless without knowledge in place of how to maintain and run them effectively. In order to avoid unnecessary risks and the issues that will arise when a successful cyberattack takes place, you must train your staff to be able to identify potential problems long before they take effect.

Train your Employees to Deflect Cyber Attacks

Your employees can be extremely effective when it comes to safeguarding your company’s cyber infrastructure, as long as you make them aware of the best practices and policies that enable your cybersecurity plans to run with maximum efficiency. Here are 5 tips that will help your employees to do exactly that and a little bit more:

Stay Alert

Encourage your employees to speak up if they spot an issue on your networks or daily computer processes that could lead to a potential security issue. Train them to look for specific red flags as determined by your cybersecurity team.

Keep it Clean

You must explain to all of your employees about the importance of keeping their computer systems nice and clean. Malware is the most common culprit of hacker attacks whether from a virus, worm or Trojan horse. Any unauthorized installations could lead to serious trouble for the company and the penalties for downloading unauthorized software should be severe.

Password Security

Hackers love guessing passwords and if your employees are prone to selecting rather obvious choices, this could be a way in for those criminal minds. Train your staff to choose lengthy passwords with a cryptic mix of special characters, and educate them on the importance of doing so. This will provide a good level of basic security and decrease your risk of a system breach.

Dodgy Links Are Dangerous

Train your employees to spot phishing emails and explain that they must never click on internal links unless the mail comes from a trusted sender. A little knowledge on how to set up and maintain your company spam filters will go a long way in winning the war against phishing and other hacker related issues.

Backups Matter

Each and every one of your staff needs to be backing up their computer systems on a regular basis. Failure to do this can lead to additional trouble for business operations whenever a system restore is required. This is just one more step all employees can take to develop good, safe computer habits.

Remember that it is your role to ensure that your employees are not the weakest link as far as cybersecurity attacks are concerned. By following these tips and getting ALL levels of your employees trained in basic cybersecurity, you should be able to turn the tide and start winning that all important war against cyber crime.

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